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10 years of i360

21 October 2019 marked 10 years since the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw registered the Company, i360, in the National Court Register. Since then, I have had the pleasure of continuously combining the management of the i360 with the duties of the CEO.

Initially, the business was conducted under a different name, due to membership in one of the oldest, well-established capital groups, whose roots go back to the beginnings of the market economy in Poland. Then, as a result of ownership changes, i360 achieved full independence, which it still boasts today.

The 10th anniversary of the Company was celebrated with a new logo and a new website, www.i360.com.pl

Over the years, the Company recorded a dynamic growth in sales revenue, EBITDA and net profit, changed its office three times, worked for over 100 customers, including international corporations and the largest Polish companies, organized hundreds of loyalty programs, incentive programs, promotional and audiotex lotteries, competitions and bonus sales actions. We have also been involved in dozens of projects to create sales support strategies, and we have obtained over 100 individual tax interpretations, ensuring legal and tax security for our Customers.

For 7 years, i360 has continuously been ranked first (for two years ex aequo) in the ranking published every year in Media and Marketing Polska for companies which “Demonstrate an ability to organize effective loyalty programs” – taking part in the survey as long as its formula was in line with the GDPR.

Today, i360 stands out on the market, with more than 30 experienced specialists with whom I have the pleasure to cooperate every day; data processing centers located in 5 countries of Central and Eastern Europe; the i360 Loyalty Software proprietary management system; customer service offices in three cities in Poland; its own logistics center, which sends more than 100,000 prize packages every year, using more than 2 tons of (environmentally friendly) packaging; millions of SMS, MMS and e-mails sent in promotional campaigns; and ISO27001:2013 certification, which is renewed every year and certifies the highest standards of information security.

At this point, I would like to express my special thanks to three people for whom i360 has been their main workplace since the first day of the Company’s operation. Ania, Luiza, Dawid – thank you for building the success of this organization with me from the very beginning. I would especially like to thank the customers who put their trust in us by entrusting to our service their brands and promotional budgets.

The prospect of the next decade of activity abounds in ambitious plans for dynamic development and growth, although not necessarily only organically, due to the dispersion of the Polish market of entities specializing in loyalty management.

Exceeding customer expectations and information security invariably remain the motivator of i360’s actions every day.


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