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Tax models in loyalty programs

Another e-book entitled “Modele podatkowe w programach lojalnościowych” has been published on The material was created in cooperation with Att. Paweł Galiński, representing Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Galiński & Kleina Sp. p., with a registered office in Gdańsk, which has been servicing i360 Sp. z o.o. in the field of tax law issues for over 5 years.

The e-book discusses selected tax models used in loyalty programs on the Polish market and focuses on practical aspects, including, for example, methods of charging the customer for the costs of running the program; ways of documenting the issuance of cash prizes, in-kind prizes and prizes offered in the form of vouchers and services; as well as the consequences for personal income tax on the part of the winners.

The material is available free of charge in return for leaving your business e-mail address.

i360 The aim of the study is to familiarize those responsible for the implementation and management of loyalty programs with the key issues related to the tax aspects of their projects. It is an attempt to structure and explain the most important aspects so that they are clear to managers whose education and key competences are outside the areas of law and finance.

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