Why is it worthwhile to read this blog?

With each day of work I understand how important it is to sacrifice your time only for activities that have a direct impact on building knowledge, assets and relationships.

Content tailored to your needs and keeping your promises are personally important to me, when I am looking for knowledge or inspiration in a global network.

Therefore, I describe below why it is worth visiting this blog and subscribing to the newsletter, so that each of you can answer for yourself if you want to join the readership of 4,8 thousand (Oct. 2021 update: 6,8 thousand) of my permanent blog readers. 

Here they are :

1/ In my daily work I encounter challenges regarding creation, management, changes, as well as closing of nonefficient loyalty programs. I share the most valuable, the most interesting and the most difficult issues with my readers;

2/ Frequent changes in the legal and tax environment can ruin the effort devoted to even the best project. That’s why I monitor legal changes on a daily basis, spending time reading draft legal acts at an early legislative stage. Thanks to this I am prepared for changes, trying to send warning signals to readers, whenever it is necessary;

3/ There are over 100 B2C loyalty programs in Poland and the same number of B2B motivational programs. Each year I discuss the most important changes on the market and I describe in detail the trends and directions in which the world of loyalty programs is heading;

4/ A seemingly simple activity such as the organization of sales promotions presents many problems due to the high level of market competitiveness and complicated regulations. I describe in the blog, lessons from the experience of organizing hundreds of competitions, bonus sales actions, promotional and audiotex lotteries established during more than one inspection of tax authorities, especially in these cases, because reality is able to amaze or surprise me even in spite of over 20 years of experience.

If you think it’s worth it – I invite you to visit and leave your contact details.

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