Time to Riff app – a loyalty program - Tomasz Makaruk

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program

The discount loyalty program for the clients of two retail chains – Time Trend and Riff Music Salons. Time Trend is a leading company in the Polish market in the sector of watches. Riff Music Salons stand out in the Polish market, because they offer the highest quality musical equipment both for musicians and music lovers. Two brands of completely different business profiles were so far connected by the fact that they both belong to Zibi S.A, but now they are also joined by their Time to Riff common loyalty program.

This text was written by Weronika Ptaszyńska, the acting Junior Account Executive at i360.

Time to Riff app – What is it and where is it available?

The app was designed for both iPhone and Android OS smartphone users. It can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play. It provides compatibility with over 90% of all smartphones used in Poland with Android versions published after 2016. Prior to it’s market introduction, the app was thoroughly tested for its functionality and safety. The features available in the app are the result of the realization of the long-term strategy and a detailed analysis of competitors, as well as of the most popular loyalty programs in the Polish and global markets.

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program – Tomasz Makaruk

Program registration

The participation in the program requires registration, whose rules were simplified to the bare minimum. All you need to do is to enter your cell phone number of the Polish mobile operator network. Upon downloading the app, before you move on to registration, you’ll see the “Let’s get to know each other better!” message, under which you should pick one of the two Chains you are interested in – Time Trend or Riff. No matter the choice, you will have access to promotional offers of both Time Trend and Riff. When you choose your leading Chain, the system will automatically take you to the next registration stage, where you’ll be asked to enter your phone number. After a short while later you’ll be sent a text message with a verification code. The phone number is verified with the six digit numerical code, sent via text message to the number entered by you. You can also generate the code again and change you phone number, for example if you made a mistake at the stage of entering it. The verification code is valid for 30 minutes. The app allows you to log in with the PIN as well as a biometric log in depending on your smartphone features (fingerprint, face ID).

After you go through the login methods, you’ll see five fields on the screen to choose from. The first two are: app’s terms and conditions acceptance and the loyalty program terms and conditions acceptance, which are both mandatory. The consent to e-mail, SMS communication and geolocation of your phone are optional. Additionally you can use the option to accept all by pressing “Mark all” or you can accept each of them separately. The consents given optionally can be freely modified at the later stage of participation.

At the last stage of your registration you’ll see the following question on your screen: “What do we call you?” You can enter whatever string of signs you wish, for example: Mark of Catherine. This will be assigned as the “Participant’s name” and it can be changed later. Form this moment on you’ll become the rightful Participant of the Time to Riff loyalty program, who will be identified within the program as a registered program member every time when during shopping you produce the EAN code of the Participant card, showing on your phone screen, to the Salon Employee. As we take care of the natural environment, we do not offer plastic member cards.

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program – Tomasz Makaruk

Use of apps

After the registration process is complete, you will be automatically redirected to the main page, where in the upper left hand corner you can see the greeting and your participation status name (participation threshold). In the upper right hand corner there is the Virtual Client Card icon. When you press it you’ll be taken to the tab displaying your EAN code with a Participant number, which needs to be scanned at the cash register every time you shop in either Chain. Additionally, in the middle part of the screen you can access a number of special offers complied together in the sections dedicated to Time Trend and Riff Music Salons. In the bottom part of the screen there are shortcuts leading to the discount section, Participant card, Salon map and Main Menu.

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program – Tomasz Makaruk

By choosing “My Card” tab, you’ll see the screen containing your Virtual Client Card, i.e., thirteen-digit EAN code. It is characterized by the fact that the code can be extended to the whole screen, which makes it easier to be scanned at the cash register in the retail venues.

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program – Tomasz Makaruk

You should remember that your Virtual Client Card needs to be scanned first, as it serves to identify a Participant. All other special offer codes during transaction can be scanned in any order after scanning of the Virtual Client Card. Your Virtual Client Card can be accessed in three ways:

  • through an icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  • from the bottom menu level after pressing “My Card” button
  • from the Main Menu level in the “Discount Card” tab

By pressing the banner of any special offer, you will be redirected to the screen containing its details for the duration, and the special offer period. On the screen you can find an “Activate Coupon” button, which when pressed will make a special offer available for you. When you activate the special offer, the section containing EAN codes will be displayed. They are: Participant Card code and special offer code. To use the special offer, the Salon Employee needs to be able to scan both codes from the screen of your smartphone. The Virtual Client Card code first. Then, the EAN code of the selected special offer.

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program – Tomasz Makaruk

The green marker on the banner means that the special offer is active and you can use the activated discount code. It can be found on every screen on which the particular special offer banner is displayed. The discount code remains valid for its duration, whether you used it this app session, or decided to use it later. In the upper part of the screen there is always a link to the Virtual Client Card. The code can be enlarged to the whole screen by pressing the “Enlarge” button. In the lower part of the screen there is a special offer banner, and below it you can the most important information concerning the selected special offer such as the coupon expiry date or the information regarding combining special offers, and just below that the EAN code for the special offer, which lets you use it.

Reference screen – invite a friend

Each Participant can refer a maximum of three people to the app. When a new Participant joins the program, and they produce a referral code they received from an already registered member of the loyalty program while registering, the referring person shall receive a discount coupon for PLN 50. The coupon can be used in any store of Time Trend or Riff Chains (depending on which Chain it concerns) when making purchases of at least PLN 500 on one receipt or VAT invoice. The discount coupon can be used also with online purchases in the e-commerce shops of both Chains. The discount coupons appear in the app of the referring person at the moment when the referred person joins the program using the referral code.

Each discount code is valid for a period, and after it expires the coupon will disappear from the app.

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program – Tomasz Makaruk

Alternatively, the discount coupon can be activated in order to be used in:

  • a Salon – it will then be displayed as an EAN code to be scanned at the cash register from the smartphone screen;
  • an e-commerce shop – it will then be displayed as an alphanumerical code possible to be sent via any medium, e.g. text message.

Gamification statuses and benefits in Time to Riff

Each Participant is assigned one of four increasing gamification statuses: Enthusiast, Aficionado, Connoisseur and Master. You will ascend the next level automatically after you realize the level of purchases of: PLN 500 PLN 2,500 PLN 5,000 Achieving each of the levels will entitle you to a permanent discount in Time Trend Chain of: 5%, 7%, 10%, and at Riff Chain of: 3%, 4%, 5%.

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program – Tomasz Makaruk

The level of expenditures entitling for the discount is summed up between both chains every 24 months on a rolling basis (it means that in the 25th month the expenditures form the 1st month are not taken into account). The discounts apply to the products not included in special offers communicated in the loyalty program app on separate banners and those not excluded in the terms and conditions (acoustic pianos and upright pianos).

As mentioned before, in the TTR program there are four gamification statuses: Level 1 – Enthusiast, Level 2 – Aficionado, Level 3 – Connoisseur, and Level 4 – Master. The names of the levels attained in both chains are the same. However, the benefits resulting from the change of the level are different. The benefits resulting from the change of status are shown on the graphics below.

Gamification statuses and benefits in Time Trend

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program – Tomasz Makaruk

Gamification statuses and benefits in Riff

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program – Tomasz Makaruk

Tab – Salon Locator

The list of Salons, thanks to which we can find a chosen Salon by checking its exact location on the map, is also available in the app. There is also a feature of setting the route to the chosen Salon, along with the information of its opening hours.

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program – Tomasz Makaruk

Tab – Purchase History

The app collects data on the purchases made while using the program Participant card. Such data as purchase date, purchase value and discount value are available. The compilations are available separately for purchases at Time Trend and at Riff.

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program – Tomasz Makaruk

Other app features

The app also has the Current Affairs section, where the latest products and events of Zibi Group, Time Trend and Riff are presented. The example of such information can be the news regarding a new salon opening, new product range introduction, participation in charitable events and many others.

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program – Tomasz Makaruk

Finally, to keep the interest, the app will display banners and push notifications.


Time to Riff is a modern loyalty program, which utilizes mobile technology in order to reward its Participants and deliver them benefits resulting from shopping at Time Trend and Riff Salons. The discount coupons entitle Participants to take advantage of special offers available exclusively via the mobile app. The abundance of special offers addressed to the program Participants brings about attractive benefits, the range of which only grows along the value of the Participants’ purchases. These are but a few of the benefits of the program that should be highlighted. To learn more of Time to Riff, download the app.

Time to Riff app – a loyalty program - Tomasz Makaruk

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