i360 launches YouTube channel about loyalty programs - Tomasz Makaruk

i360 launches YouTube channel about loyalty programs

“About loyalty programs by night” is the name of a new professional channel dedicated to loyalty programs, which is available on YouTube. The aim of the project is to provide reliable, highly factual knowledge on B2C loyalty and B2B incentive programmes.

The creators of the channel are the leading managers of i360, with the participation of Katarzyna Nawrocka, as the host of most of the episodes. The concept of the channel is based on an interview with experts who share their knowledge and experience from everyday professional practice. The main theme of the channel is to discuss and comment on the most important market events. This includes the discovery of trends in the attitudes and behaviour of programme participants – both B2C and B2B, analyses of individual segments of the Polish market, benchmarking of foreign markets, discussions on issues related to the interpretation of legal regulations and many other issues which is necessary in the daily work of every professional who is responsible for running loyalty projects.

I invite you to watch the channel preview:

The channel is dedicated to marketing, trade marketing and sales specialists of international corporations and the largest Polish companies. The original channel on YouTube is the next step. This is a natural extension of the activities that we have been running for over 10 years in i360 on the company’s blog, which has gathered a group of regular readers.

We trust that the concept of an evening conversation with experts, during which they share their daily work experience, will appeal to the target group. The launch of the channel was preceded by a detailed analysis of both the broadly understood marketing and sales topics, which are discussed on YouTube, and the formats of the most popular video bloggers’ programs.

The idea of launching a channel on YouTube has been discussed in i360 for two years, and the catalyst for its implementation was the lockdown of the economy in March. Guided by the principle that we must not waste any crisis, we decided to come away unscathed from it, enriched with new experiences and with a new format of communication with our current and potential customers.

I invite you to watch the channel intro:

i360 launches YouTube channel about loyalty programs - Tomasz Makaruk


In the first episodes we host Ms. Agnieszka Doktorska from the ARC Rynek i Opinia research institute, Mr. Paweł Galiński representing the Galiński&Kleina Kancelaria Radców Prawnych law firm. The i360 representatives, Ms. Amelia Dąbrowska and Agata Kisło also recorded their own episodes.

I invite you to watch an episode with Ms. Agnieszka Doktorska devoted to the Loyalty Programs Monitor research:

i360 launches YouTube channel about loyalty programs - Tomasz Makaruk


I invite you to watch the next episodes – a substantive discussion on the issues raised and provide feedback that will help us develop this initiative.

The channel is available at:


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