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i360 Forbes Diamond 2018

When a year ago i360 Sp. z.o.o. was honored with the “Forbes Diamond 2017” we wrote that we are particularly proud of taking a place in the group of the 10% highest rated companies in the Mazowieckie voivodship. Life brings many changes, so in 2018 we have already competed in the Łódż voivodship (after changing the registered address from Warschau to Łódż). We proudly present the diploma noting that in the entire voivodship in the category of entities with annual sales revenues from PLN 5 to 50 million were classified only 38 entities. Among them i360 Sp. z.o.o. on position 20.

Forbes Diamond is a ranking of companies that in recent years have increased their value the fastest. During its creation were taken into account companies which submitted to the National Court Register financial statements for the financial year, excluding those which were put into bankruptcy or liquidation. Part of the evaluation process was awarding a positive credibility rating by Bisnode based on EBIT and ROA, liquidity and the absence of payment arrears.

Enterprises meeting the above conditions also had to demonstrate a positive financial result and the equity value. The list of Diamonds includes enterprises, which achieved the largest average annual value increase. The evaluation of the value of the enterprises was made using the Swiss method, combining the property and income method.

The full list of winners is available here:

https://www.forbes.pl/diamenty/2018/laureaci-diamentow-forbesa-woj-lodzkie/xr41gze (i360 is placed on position 20 in the Łódż voivodship)

A full discussion of the competition rules is available here:


We would like to thank our Customers, Employees and Suppliers for the confidence without which the success of i360 would not be possible! Thanks to this motivation we will try even more from 2018.


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