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Customer loyalty in the age of UX, Content, and AI

In today’s dynamic business world, acquiring and retaining customers has become one of the biggest challenges for companies. In the face of enormous competition and growing customer expectations, it is necessary to stand out, surprise, and attract attention to survive in the market. In response to these challenges, modern marketing trends such as content marketing, mobile applications, UX/UI design, and artificial intelligence (AI) are entering the scene.

The report “Customer Loyalty in the Era of UX, Content, and AI” aims to discuss the most influential trends in building loyal customers. It is based on the experiences and observations of representatives of various industries and companies. By presenting insights and practical guidance, the report helps entrepreneurs and marketers understand how to capitalize on these trends and what problems may arise when implementing them.

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Among the guests in the report, there are experts from various areas who share their insights and practical knowledge on building customer loyalty, including:

• An interview with Izabela Szymańska, Content Manager and editor-in-chief of “Empik Pasje. Online Magazine”, provides insight into using content marketing at Empik. Izabela talks about Empik’s strategy, focusing on authentic communication of brand values through exciting content. Through the “Empik Pasje” magazine, the company provides readers with inspiring stories, reviews, and interviews about their offer. Thanks to this, Empik creates an emotional bond with customers and builds lasting loyalty.

• Tom Peace, Managing Director of The Loyalty People, talks about the uses and challenges of AI in marketing and loyalty activities. AI is becoming increasingly popular in the industry, enabling personalization and better customer experiences.

• Damian Izdebski, Art Director at i360, presents a 7-component recipe for an AI-based loyalty program. It gives an innovative approach to building loyalty programs using the potential of artificial intelligence.

• Paweł Galiński and Marcin Rodziewicz, attorneys-at-law at Galiński & Kleina Kancelaria Radców Prawnych, discuss the controversy surrounding the use of works by other artists in the context of AI. They raise the topic of copyright and the possibility of using texts, graphics, music, and video in marketing activities.

• Martyna Olszak-Batora, Head of Creative Department & PR at Ania Kruk, presents the importance of authenticity in content marketing. It explains why content is an opportunity to showcase brand values and build customer relationships.

• Karolina Malicka, Account & Content Manager, shares her insights on selling through content marketing. He talks about effective content marketing strategies that attract and engage customers.

• Kajetan Licznerski, UX/UI designer at i360, discusses the latest UX/UI design trends. It explains how good interface design can influence customer experience and build loyalty.

• Beata Morris, BMS Manager of Glovo Polska, presents the customer loyalty strategy through support. It explains how appropriate support can influence building lasting relationships with customers.

• Jakub Rybak, Manager for Merchant Acquisition & B2B Marketing Partnerships at Allegro, shares an example of building loyalty from scratch. It presents practical strategies that helped Allegro gain loyal customers.

The “Customer Loyalty in the Era of UX, Content and AI” report is a valuable source of information for entrepreneurs and marketers. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of experts, readers receive personalized tips on building effective brand strategies that will attract and retain loyal customers in the era of UX, content, and AI.

If you want to learn how to distinguish your brand, surprise customers, and build strong bonds, then our report is for you.

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